Tante novità arrivano da HP che lavora molto nel reparto Computer, in particolare nel settore Gaming.
L’azienda ha sviluppato per gli utenti videogiocatori un nuovo ecosistema chiamato Omen, che permette una migliore esperienza di Gaming sia a livello di potenza, sia a livelllo di Hardware e dispositivi.

Omen è suddiviso queste principali categorie: OMEN Command Center, OMEN X 27, OMEN Accessories.

Di seguito il comunicato stampa con tutte le informazioni dettagliate.

COLOGNE, Germany, Aug. 20, 2019 — Today at Gamescom 2019, HP unveiled powerful OMEN
software and services along with new OMEN and Pavilion Gaming hardware, all designed to create
legendary gameplay experiences for all level of players.

Gaming has become a global phenomenon with 2.3 billion people playing games around the world.
Their desire to excel in the games they play encompasses more than just the machine they play on
and looking for an edge is more commonplace than ever before.

Thirty-eight per cent of gamers are
motivated by the ability to master a game and thirty-five per cent are focused on competition and
advancing their gameplay3. With the introduction of Coaching, and new OMEN Command Center4
gaming services, players never stop improving and perform at their best.

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Beyond powerful gaming software and services, HP is announcing new displays and accessories
including the esports ready OMEN X 27 Display, OMEN Mindframe Prime Headset, OMEN
Encoder Keyboard and a variety of soft goods from the growing OMEN Transceptor line of
accessories. Pavilion Gaming also makes its mark with the DIY friendly Pavilion Gaming Desktop,
Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 800 and HP’s first AMD powered CPU for a gaming laptop in the
Pavilion Gaming 15. This portfolio is rounded out with the HP 22x and HP 24x displays, ideal for
gamers looking for quality while on a budget.

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Cos’è OMEN?

“OMEN is a community inclusive brand committed to building a world-class ecosystem of the best
hardware, software, content and services,” said Anne-Sophie Hadberg, General Manager, EMEA
Personal Systems, HP Inc. “With the latest software and hardware additions, including OMEN
Command Center, OMEN X 27 and the Pavilion Gaming Desktop, HP is enriching gaming experiences
while helping gamers advance their skills and never stop improving.”

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Driving Gamers Forward

OMEN Command Center4 – which is available for any Windows 10 PC via the Windows Store – is
leveling up with a host of powerful new features designed to make it a central gaming hub.
• Coaching5 arrives for OMEN PCs with initial support for League of Legends and more games
on the roadmap. This AI-based tool (powered by Mobalytics) analyses gameplay and
provides key insights into strengths and weaknesses to improve player performance.
• With My Games6, gamers can manage their devices and access their game libraries from
one central location, providing quick and easy access to their favorite games. Includes real
time monitoring of gameplay to keep track of how many hours spent on specific titles along
with weekly insights.

• The new Profiles7 feature allows the creation of mood, activity, or game-based profiles for
OMEN PCs and accessories and includes support for the OMEN Sequencer Keyboard and
OMEN Photon Mouse.
• With Rewards Beta8 (powered by Versus Systems) launching in the U.S., gamers can earn
prizes playing the games they love, while improving their skills and competing with others.

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Esports Speed and Visuals

The new OMEN X 27 makes a splash with a Quad HD2 (2560 x 1440) resolution display that
showcases stunning high dynamic range and DCI P3 90 per cent colour gamut for an immersive
gaming experience. To keep up with the FPS that high-end PCs muster and esports athletes require,
the display rocks an industry-leading 240Hz refresh rate1 with a 1ms response time and is AMD
Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR9 certified to ensure the game screen is clean of tearing even when
playing games in HDR mode.

This ties up with a bold and eye-catching design thanks to three microedge bezels, a full metal height adjustable stand and ambient lighting that can be controlled via
OMEN Command Center4 along with the new patented aim assist feature for a reticle that can be
customised by shape and color.

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Accessorise with Excellence

The new OMEN Mindframe Prime Headset includes several compelling enhancements. The
revolutionary active cooling feature via FrostCap Technology incorporates a passive cooling feature
thanks to a newly added graphite heat spreader which takes advantage of the enlarged earpads10.

The built-in 7.1 surround sound powered by C-Media Xear™ creates realistic spatial awareness to
accurately pinpoint in-game sounds. Added environmental noise cancelling (ENC) microphones block
out extra sound in the room so your voice comes through clear in the heat of battle. Lastly, the new
OMEN Audio Lab within OMEN Command Center4 gives full control of the listening experience with a
10-band equalizer that has a variety of presets, audio level customisation and on/off switches for the
7.1 surround sound and ENC microphones.



With a blue switch mechanical keyboard currently available in the OMEN 1100 Keyboard, the new
OMEN Encoder Keyboard will come with both Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown Switches for
those who want incredibly fast and smooth operation or something that’s quieter and has a little bump in the travel path. Complete with 100 per cent anti-ghosting with n-key rollover and OMEN Command
Center4 integration both keyboard options are built to win.

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Travel and Game in Style

Providing high quality lifestyle products is a constant focus for OMEN and has been showcased
recently with OMEN Apparel and the original OMEN X Transceptor backpack. The Transceptor line
from OMEN continues this trend with the new additions of the OMEN Transceptor 17.3” Duffel Bag,
15” Rolltop Backpack, 15” Backpack to provide a wide variety of traveling options. This is topped
off with the OMEN Transceptor Headset Case, which matches up with the new OMEN Mindframe
Prime Headset.

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Exceptional Mainstream Gaming

The Pavilion Gaming Desktop makes expandability a clear emphasis within a new space-saving 15L
design. This design includes expansion slots for up to three storage drives11 and DIY upgradability for
memory, graphics cards, networks cards and Wi-Fi cards. CPU options of up to 9th Gen Intel i7 8-
core12 or 3rd Gen, AMD Ryzen™ 7 8-core12 processors, graphics of up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX
2070 and latest RTX 2060 SUPER™, and up to 32GB DDR4 memory yield the power needed for the
latest games or creative projects.


The latest Pavilion Gaming 15 is the first AMD CPU gaming laptop from HP and features up to
Ryzen™ 7 processor12 within a bold angular black chassis. With up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX
1660Ti with Max-Q13 design graphics, micro-edge bezels with 144Hz or 60Hz1 1080p14 display
options, immersion is the name of the game. Dual fan, wide rear corner vent, and enlarged air inlets
maximise airflow to optimise overall performance, while keeping the machine cool during extended
usage. Built for dependable game sessions, content creation, and outfitted with a Wi-Fi 5 option
supporting Gigabyte speeds, this highly portable laptop is built for work and play.

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No desktop is complete without a keyboard and the Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 800 features quiet,
yet quick red mechanical switches complete with 100 per cent anti-ghosting with n-key rollover, a
comfortable detachable wrist rest and four-zone LED lighting with on-the-fly backlit modes.

These additions to the Pavilion Gaming ecosystem pair brilliantly with the new HP 22x and HP 24x
gaming displays. Both come with a speedy 144Hz refresh rate1 and 1ms response time1, AMD
Radeon™ FreeSync™ technology9, high-quality integrated speakers and adjustable stands. The HP
24x features G-SYNC® Compatible15 and micro-bezels for a truly immersive gaming experience.

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Pricing and Availability

• OMEN X 27 Display is expected to be available in EMEA in October for €689.
• OMEN Mindframe Prime Headset is expected to be available in EMEA in August for
• OMEN Encoder Keyboard is expected to be available in EMEA in October for €139.99.
• OMEN Transceptor Bags are expected to be available in EMEA in August starting at €49.99.
• Pavilion Gaming Desktop is expected to be available in EMEA in August starting at €599
(AMD) and €649 (Intel).

• Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop is expected to be available in EMEA in October starting at €799
• Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 800 is already available in EMEA for €99.99.
• HP 22x is expected to be available in EMEA in September for €169.
• HP 24x are expected to be available in EMEA in September for €229.
• Game Coaching is available on the Command Center in EMEA now, while Rewards will be
coming to the Command Center in EMEA in early 2020.